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LearnEER specific objectives aimed to:

  • Improve professionals' skills and sectors' competitiveness
  • Prepare a peer to peer and mutual learning methodology, where target agents share knowledge
  • Conduct capacity building through the project activities
  • Work on the development of an informal and dynamic professional qualification model towards the EU 20-20-20 targets
  • Conduct C-VET guidance and coaching methods

The objectives of the project were achieved with 3 Intellectual Outputs

O1 Skills Framework for the Energy Efficiency building Retrofitting (EER) sector aimed to define the LearnEER platform support by identifying the current and needed skills for the target agents, the EER sector barriers and the peer-learning methodology implemented. The Output gave an insight into the training needs and provided conclusions for the development of the peer-learning platform.
O1 Skills Framework for EER

The requirements on functional level of the platform were established in O2 EER Peer-Learning Platform development, where the learning objectives were defined and the assessment methodology agreed upon the peer-learning platform final delivery. Piloting testing on target agents evaluated the products functioning, their user-friendliness, and improved based on the feedback.
Learning Material

O3 Guidelines and User Support took place aiming to provide targeted guides, manuals, recommendations and supporting material to fulfil the connection with the target agents. This IO provided feedback with the platform assessment and improvement activities and provided more personalized coaching and support materials for the users.
O3-A1 Guidelines for Peer Learning
O3-A2 Guidelines for Expert Moderation
O3-A3 Guidelines for VET Organizations
O3-A4 Policy Brief