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Leaflet #2: Creating a learning platform for building professionals
Posted 15/11/2017 Categories Leaflet Tags: Digital Material Comments 0
Issue #2 of LearnEER Leaflet is out!
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The 2 main features of the LearnEER platform
Posted 15/11/2017 Categories Newsletter Tags: Mutual Learning, Retrofitting, Energy Efficiency, Building, Platform Comments 0
LearnEER is a European project for mutual learning which enables a flexible, open and attractive
platform to share knowledge among the Energy Efficient Building Retrofitting (EER) professionals.
The Energy Efficient Retrofitting (EER) sector is the result of the transformation of the construction
sector after Europe2020 initiative established energy objectives for buildings and two directives:
Directive 2010/31/EU “Energy Performance of Buildings”, and Directive 2012/27/EU “Energy
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Leaflet #1: The LearnEER project
Posted 07/07/2017 Categories Leaflet Tags: Digital Material Comments 0
Our first leaflet is out! Read the full post to get the leaflet and share it...
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4 events across Europe propose a Mutual Learning platform for Building professionals
Posted 16/06/2017 Categories Newsletter Tags: Retrofitting, Mutual Learning, P2P, Knowledge Management, H2020, Digital Material Comments 0
To introduce the LearnEER project to potential users, four events had been recently celebrated, where the project objectives, the main activities accomplished and the results reached in the first semester have been explained.

Each event was organized and developed by the following partner entities: CAM Consulting (Hungary); Projects in Motion (Malta); INTROMAC (Spain) and Gemeente Venray (The Netherlands). The broad target group were VET students, professionals, researchers and service providers of the Energy Efficient Building Retrofitting (EER) sector. The content showed included the following topics:
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A mutual learning platform of Energy, Building and Retrofitting will increase professional’s skills & capabilities
Posted 06/03/2017 Categories Press Release Tags: Digital Material Comments 0
Regarding Energy Efficiency there are different strengths and weaknesses among the EU countries, but they all share the common objective of achieving the 20% cut in greenhouse gases under a single umbrella – Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/27/UE. In the Energy Efficient Retrofitting (EER) sector, this implies to overcome new professional barriers that did not exist ten years ago in any of the countries and implies adaptation in training.

European project LEARN-EER, Mutual Learning for Energy Efficient Retrofitting, will undertake this challenge through an innovative learning platform that will answer to professional’s skill needs from the participating countries as to future professionals from building and energy sector.
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