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Frequently Asked Questions

How to register/login?

To register into the LEARNEER project, click on the the register button on the home page and fill in asked information. Once you have, click on the create account button. An email will arrive on your email address with a link that you need to follow in order to complete your registration. Then login in order to enjoy the full LEARNEER experience.

How to contribute to the Learning Material?

Go to the "Learning Material" section and click on the "Contribute to the Learning Material" button. Fill in all the asked information in order to upload content. All the uploaded content can be found in the "Search the Learning Material" section.

Can the uploaded Learning Material be edited/deleted?

The platform provides each user the functionality to edit or delete his own uploaded content. To do this, either find your uploaded content in the "Search the Learning Material" section and click the Edit/Delete button, or go to Settings > My Content and do it from there.

How to upload a new Event?

Go to the Events section and click on the "New Event" button. Fill in all the asked information in order to create a new Event. On the events page, you can see all the events as well as edit/delete your own uploaded events, just like the uploaded Learning Material.

How to check/edit my personal information?

Go to the "Settings" section and clck on the "My Profile" button. In there, you can see and edit your personal information (Name, Password, Language, Value Chain Role). Also, in the "My Content" section you can see your subscriptions, the users you are following, as well as your own uploaded content.